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The Batesville, Indiana Kiwanis Club is back for its 28th consecutive Apple Festival, which includes a variety of food, music, crafts, food trucks and more. In keeping with this year's theme, there will be a Mayan-inspired dinner and the opportunity to view the exhibits of the Interpretive Center. The Falls, Ohio Foundation has announced a series of events to raise funds for the Falls Ohio Historical Society and the Ohio State Museum of Natural History.

Children have the opportunity to dress up, make fossil rubber and see fossils up close, as well as the opportunity to make and rub fossils. You can also enter a house - decorating competition and use a card to go to find the house to decorate. Various food trucks, live music, crafts and other activities will also be part of the event.

Highlights of the event include live music, food trucks, crafts and other activities for children and adults. The all-day festival offers a variety of food, music and entertainment, as well as a children's playground. For more information about Jeffersonville Indiana Events, visit their website or Facebook page.

At the southeast end of Spring Street is Riverside Drive, which offers limited changes compared to other parts of the city, such as the removal of a parking lot and the construction of new sidewalks. Walk along the Ohio River Greenway, just across the Widows Walk Ice Creamery, or take an ice cream with your dog and take a short walk through the park on your way back to your home or office.

If you're looking for a place to spread out and name your own, the Widow's Way ice cream shop is throwing in some fantastic pieces. It is open on Sundays at 8 pm. Trivia Night is on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. and Thursdays and Fridays at 9 p.m.

The best way to find the official viewing party is on the Clark and Floyd Counties SoIN website. The Lanesville Heritage Weekend Festival includes live music, food trucks, live entertainment and a pull-up bar. There are activities throughout the day, such as a local Celtic band in the afternoon.

We'll look at the Christmas events in Louisville in the past and look at some new ones, and we'll find out what's happening in southern Indiana in 2018. Photos with Santa Claus will not be available in any specific order at Jeffersonville Civic Center on Saturday, December 1, 2018. We will update this list as soon as possible on April 18, 2019, so check here for updates.

Buckhead Mountain Grill is a local restaurant with 3 locations and has been a popular neighborhood and staple food in Louisville for over 20 years. Adrienne Co.'s talented baking and decorating techniques have won many awards from the Kentucky community, and even Muhammad Ali was thrilled with her cakes. She has received national and international awards, including the American Baking Association's Bake of the Year award, as well as a number of local and national awards for her baking techniques.

For all participants of the Thunder, Buckhead Mountain Grill has the best views at hand, and our favorite court is right in front of the restaurant, just a few feet from the basketball court. Sit in the viewing area and watch the game with a glass of wine or beer and have a good view with your hands.

Our children love the bird watching room where they can sit and watch Indian birds flying in open habitats. They are excited to watch the activities on the water, to see each other, to see the bridges over the water and to know that we are going through the state.

With nearly 100,000 spectators on the Indiana side and the journey by car, the journey is anything but quick. One of the advantages of a trip to Jeffersonville Indiana is that we are closer to Louisville, Kentucky, so there is no rush in a big city. The only downside may be the drive home, but the city itself has a pedestrian bridge that many citizens like to use to walk back and forth between Louisville and Jefferson. If you are lucky enough to live in an area of southern Indiana, you can find a price for a trip there that is less than the cost of a stay in Louisville.

The air show, which starts at 3 p.m., is a full six - and - a - half hour before the fireworks, so bring your family along to entertain the kids with a picnic and other things throughout the day. The air show, which starts at around 3 p.m., attracts crowds throughout the day, with the fireworks at 9: 30 p.m. being the main event, as it is the largest fireworks display in North America. Although it can block out the view of the action in deep snow, you won't miss any fireworks or aerial action.

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