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A 100-year-old rivalry will continue Saturday when New Albany takes to the streets to face Jeffersonville.

Columbus North jumped out to a 25-3 lead after one quarter and rolled to victory, but the Rebels rallied to a 75-68 victory. Columbus East led by as many as 20 points in the first half before the Tigers staged a late comeback. Jennings County clinched its first victory of the season with a 63-56 victory over West Lafayette. They did it again last weekend, beating LSU 70-60 in front of a sellout 1,000 fans in Baton Rouge.

Hickerson led the Red Devils with 295 yards, four touchdowns and 457 yards on the ground. Jeff quarterback Dalton Conway delivered a monster game, throwing for 303 yards and three touchdowns. Barnett scored on 216 yards, and running back Jalen Forrest finished with 188 yards and two touchdowns. Northern was 14-of-23 for 187 yards but for two interceptions, while Jeff "Running Back" Jones and D.C. Johnson each hit four times.

The Red Devils advanced to Class 5A with a 42-6 win over Columbus North on Friday night and will advance to Class 4A on Saturday night. Northern reasserted its lead in the final quarter when it gave the Red Devil's a touchdown with 33 seconds left on a nine-yard run that sealed the win and the first ever - the state title. Jason Cheeks ran for a career-high 208 yards and three touchdowns, including a 75-yard option run that deceived the Bulldogs defense. All Star Runaway Jamie Goldsmith Rushed across the Bulldogs defence, scoring on 31 attempts and four touchdowns for 238 yards. Jeff dropped a 41-28 decision against Columbus East on Thursday night, while it followed that win with another 35-0 against Columbus East.

After losing to East, the Panthers fell to a 42-14 loss to Columbus North on Friday night and a 35-0 loss at home to Columbus South on Saturday night. On Friday, Columbus East was swept in the first round of the state tournament, falling 123-62 to the boys, who met Thursday night in a Class 4A semifinal - between the Red Devils and Blue Devils.

New Albany scored again in the second quarter to beat the Red Devils, who rallied from a 14-7 halftime deficit to win 7-6. But that didn't stop New Albany from beating them from there, scoring a whopping 640 yards of offense overall, with 572 yards coming on the ground. A touchdown by quarterback Ryan O'Neill in the second quarter helped the Bulldogs to a 4-4 victory over the Red Devils (4-4) and their 500th win of the season and first title since 2009.

New Albany Rondale Moore's run from the one-yard line seemed to secure the pylon, but officials decided it was a fumble.

Indiana's best player, Scott May, broke his arm in a win over Purdue a month earlier, but the Hoosiers remained unbeaten while playing without him. May tried to play the Kentucky game with his arms crossed, but it only lasted seven minutes.

Indiana would finish the season 30-1 and win its first title for Knight since 1976, but it certainly won't happen again. No question about it. Indiana's run to the 1976-77 NCAA championship game was the greatest run in school history and will surely never be repeated.

They beat Kentucky, lost to Pepperdine and then won their second NCAA championship, this time in front of a national audience at Madison Square Garden in New York.

South Decatur fell short and fell 9-0 in the first quarter against New Albany in its first game of the season on Saturday night. On Friday night, the two teams met again, with the victory going to New Albany, this time 32-13.

Edinburgh built a 32-25 lead in the third quarter and claimed victory in the first game of the season, a 65-55 victory over the Hoosiers. The Kentucky Hooiers, the loathed archrivals, spoiled the party by beating Indiana in one of the biggest college games ever played on March 22, 1975.

New Albany took a 20-7 lead in the first quarter and had the game under control, but Indiana pressed and pushed. The Hoosiers started to get good shots and make good shots, and LSU kept turning the ball over and trying to slow down a game that wasn't their style. We just tried to make it very hard for them and push them as much as we could, "said Indiana's head coach and former basketball coach John Hickey, who was removed from his starting lineup after his injury.

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