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After the sun sets and you've spent a full day in Jeffersonville, it's time to walk over to the Big Four Bridge, which lights up the night sky above the Clark County Museum in the heart of downtown. The museum contains historical artifacts and photos that tell the story of this county and of Indiana as a whole. Located on the west side of Jefferson County, a short drive from downtown, the museum is dedicated to collecting, preserving and presenting materials from across the county. Explore what made the area such a popular tourist destination during its heyday as a commercial and commercial center in Indiana at the Clark County Museum.

The museum's primary mission is to preserve the history of Jefferson County and its history as a commercial center in Indiana. Step back in time to learn about the technology and architecture used to build steamboat engines. Travel back in time by exploring the Jeffersonville Steamboat Museum, a collection of more than 1,000 steamboat engines dating from the 18th century.

Lying in front of the Jeffersonville Steamboat Museum, a collection of more than 1,000 steamboat engines from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Jeffersonville was named Clark County's county seat shortly after its founding in 1802, replacing Springville. The city, a natural amphitheatre surrounded by steep slopes, flourished until 1937, when floods destroyed it. And it was moved to another bluff. In 1812, Indiana spent $8 million to build the state's first public school, and the city of Jefferson spent an additional $2 million to fund it. It was founded to initiate the growth of the Indian colonization, which was further propelled by the end of the war of 18 12.

In the late 19th century, there were arcades, betting shops and amusement arcades, which earned the city the nickname "Little Las Vegas."

Whether you want to enjoy a family picnic or a tour of the park, the park has a lot of interesting things to offer. Whether you choose to go caving or hiking, you are guaranteed a fantastic view of the various cave formations. Along the way, guided tours are offered, where you can get a clear idea of what they have to offer. This makes Jeffersonville a great place to camp with the gang for a day trip or even a week - with the family.

Jeffersonville has four different seasons, so you can plan your visit according to the weather you like best. In winter, hotel prices tend to be lower, but in summer you will see prices fall, as this is a popular time of year for families who want to visit. Whether you are traveling alone, with an extended family or with a group of colleagues, enjoy free admission to the Jeffersonville Museum of Natural History and History. You can enjoy a self-guided tour of the museum to explore the eye - impressive exhibits and artifacts on display.

The Civil War increased Jeffersonville's importance, as the city was one of the most important gateways to the South. The Louisville and Nashville Railroad was a link between Louisville and the rest of the South and operated throughout the South. You will even be surprised at how many people commuted to the county in the early days.

Fort Finney was located where the Kennedy Bridge now stands and protected the area from the natives. The settlement was built from this fort and Fortress Finney, along with other fortifications in Jeffersonville, such as Fort Knox, Fort Bragg, Ft. Telling sits in front of the town hall and is the heart of the city.

One of Jeffersonville's treasures is the Schimpff's Candy Company, a candy store in the heart of the city. This historic building, which has been home to a steamship-building family since 1894, is a museum sometimes referred to as Howard's National Steamboat Museum and is also on the National Register of Historic Places. It is used as a tourist attraction and has been used for a variety of purposes, such as an art gallery, museum and gift shop. Gustav Schimff Sr. opened in 1891 and was the first continuously operated confectionery store in Indiana.

With dramatic panoramic views of the Ohio River, this restaurant specializes in good home cooking at reasonable prices. This popular seafood restaurant features fried fish and a family dining set with views of the Ohio River and downtown Louisville. Bebe a nice fishing spot along the river that you can visit if you remember to bring your fishing line. While in the area, visit the New Albany Riverfront Amphitheater, which hosts one of Indiana's most popular open-air concerts, the Indiana State Fair.

The Sheraton has everything you need for a fantastic stay in Jeffersonville, and business travelers will appreciate the beautiful Ohio River views as well as guests staying at a comfortable bed and breakfast with great views of downtown Louisville and the waterfront.

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